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Technology in teaching English

To the Quest!

Well. This is a big one for me. As I have mentioned before, I am currently doing this as part of the "Technology in TESOL" course on the MA TESOL programme at MMU. Its been a lot of fun, and... Continue Reading →


Do the robot!

OK. This one is more of a light-hearted article. Just for a bit of fun. And if you are feeling brave! If you have worked as a teacher and taught children, chances are you will have had to teach directions.... Continue Reading →


Many people learning English say that one thing they don't enjoy is reading, because its so slow. Its one of the skills a lot of students really wish to get better at. But its also a skill that one simply... Continue Reading →

Mind your P’s and Q’s

OK. Another one on how a smartphone can be used to assist with studies. This time, something people can do in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Other languages operate in different ways to English. Indeed, many operate... Continue Reading →

Video killed the blackboard!

As technology advances, its up to teachers to see if that technology can be used to help their students on their language journey. Decided to make a post about how smartphones can be used to help in the classroom! Enjoy.... Continue Reading →

To TV, or to movie?

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

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